Do what you committed to doing even if you don't feel like doing it. Do what you committed to doing because the feeling of having done it is way more satisfying than the feeling of neglect. Do what you committed to doing because if you aren't building the habit of consistency, you're building the habit of inconsistency. 

It is your efforts compounded over time that will yield the results you are looking for. Every time you stop doing what you said you would do, the compounding process has to start all over again. Every decision to neglect your disciplines compounds failure not success.

Something is better than nothing. Writing some words is better than writing no words. Exercising for nine minutes is better than exercising for no minutes. Eating one good meal a day is better than eating no good meals a day. Drinking some water is better than drinking no water. Spending some quality time is better than spending no quality time. 

Consistency is your key. To unlock opportunities. To unlock potential. To unlock talent. To unlock closed doors. To unlock prisons of mediocrity. To unlock your treasures within. 

If you neglect me, you forfeit your right to be great. 

If consistency could speak, what would it say to you? Leave your comment below, I'd really like to know!