Today marks the first week of the 4th quarter of 2015. Why is this important to you? Well in sports, the 4th quarter matters most. Though a team may start off strong and though they may be winning at halftime, if the team does not close out a game well, they are susceptible to defeat. On the flip side, though a team may start off slow and be losing at halftime, if the team finishes the 4th quarter well, they can come back and win!

And whose responsibility is it for a team to finish strong? The leader. Whether it's the coach, the star player, or the team captain, the leader of the team is most responsible for the team finishing strong.

The leader positively influences his team to finish strong through his play, through his enthusiasm, through his optimism, and through his encouragement of other players on the team. 

Now putting the sports analogy aside, how will you lead your team to victory in the 4th quarter of 2015? Will it be through your personal contribution? Will it be through your enthusiasm and optimism? Will it be through your encouragement and guidance of your team members? Or will it be as a result of all of these things combined?

Leader, your team needs you. They need your best effort. They need your focused energy. They need your leadership.

Buckle down. Make a play. And finish strong. 

The 4th quarter is when champions are made!