For the longest time, I didn’t really understand why we sang songs during a church service. Because I grew up going to church and experienced this “song singing” from a very early age, the act was just second nature to me. I never really thought about whywe actually did it.

I guess I just figured, this is what Christians do. I guess I just assumed, this is how Christians show they love God. I guess I just determined, the music is the prelude to the message.

The problem with this type of thinking was that it lead me to connect very little to the “singing time” of a church service.

Instead of participating, I found myself watching those around me. Instead of enjoying, I found myself evaluating the band. Instead of wanting the singing to continue, many times, I couldn’t wait till it was over.

And then, I discovered the gospel.

Four aspects of the good news of Jesus Christ, in particular, had a profound impact on my view of “singing time.”

  1. On the cross that Jesus died, the wrath I deserve is satisfied. (Propitiation)
  2. On the cross that Jesus died, the stain of my sin is purified. (Expiation)
  3. On the cross that Jesus died, my approval from God is solidified. (Justification)
  4. On the cross that Jesus died, my place in God’s family is verified. (Adoption)

Wow! God loves me so much that He sent His one and only Son to achieve all of this on my behalf!

Because of propitiation, I can live with peace. Because of expiation, I can live with joy. Because of justification, I can live with confidence. Because of adoption, I can live with security.

Where else in the world can I find such great gifts? Who else in the world can be such a great Giver? How can I be chosen to receive these gifts when I feel like such an unworthy recipient?

It makes so much sense to me now.

Singing isn’t something I have to do to show God how much I love him. Singing is something I am compelled to do when I realize how much God loves me!