Though the process of fulfilling every purpose for which you were created is a long and challenging endeavor, getting started is actually quite simple.

Only two steps are required.

Step 1 : IDENTIFY what you are uniquely gifted to do.

* What skill, talent or ability comes easily to you?
* What skill, talent or ability do you enjoy using the most?
* What skill, talent or ability have others identified as your strongest?

Step 2 : SERVE people using the unique gifts you possess.

* Serve your family.
* Serve your friends.
* Serve your co-workers.
* Serve your classmates.
* Serve your community.
* Serve your social network.

Two steps.

Identify.  Serve.

Don’t worry about making elaborate plans.
Don’t worry about what people are going to say.
Don’t worry about whether or not it will work.

Identify.  Serve.

Regardless of your age.
Regardless of your doubts.
Regardless of your limitations.

Identify.  Serve.

I know you’re not ready.
I know you’re not sure.
I know you’re not convinced.

But what I’ve learned is this…

The specifics of your life’s purpose are revealed when the generalities of your life’s purpose are acted upon.

Put yourself in motion. Act. Do something.

Two steps is all it takes.

Identify.  Serve.

Your destiny awaits.