There was a day when…

Michael Jackson wrote his first song.
Mozart composed his first symphony.
Michelangelo created his first work of art.
Michael Jordan scored his first two points.
Mother Teresa went on her first missions trip.
Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his first speech.

These were great days.

Greatness was put into motion.

And though we do not recognize these “greats” for their firsts,
the truth is, before they produced their best, they had to produce their first.

Celebrate your firsts.

The first risks you take.
The first rules you break.
The first moves you make.

Celebrate your firsts.

The first people you impact.
The first projects you complete.
The first programs you implement.

Celebrate your firsts.

The first victories you attain.
The first compliments you receive.
The first breakthroughs you experience.

Celebrate your firsts.

They’re where your greatness begins.