I have to admit. I've been distracted lately. Social media has become increasingly distracting. Opportunities outside of my job as a pastor have become distracting. Inner ambitions that have been dormant for a long time have awakened and have become a distraction. Even my past failures and mistakes have become a distraction to the job that I have been given. 

With all of these distractions in my life, the truth is: hours have been wasted, energy has been diverted, and productivity has diminished. 

But last night, I was reminded of one simple word that will drive, guide, and motivate me for the remainder of 2015...


Instead of being sucked into the time-wasting abyss known as social media, I must focus. Instead of entertaining myself with other entrepreneurial endeavors, I must focus. Instead of wallowing in various forms of loss that I have experienced in recent months, I must focus.   

And what is it, exactly, that I must focus on? LEADING THE CHURCH.

I have been given a responsibility. I have been given an opportunity. I have been given a gift. To not focus on leading the church that I have been called to lead would not only be a disservice to the church, but, more importantly, it would be disobedience to God. 

Leading the church is my occupation. Leading the church is my calling. Leading the church is my test of stewardship. Leading the church is the "one thing" that, if done well, will produce the greatest return for me in this life and the next

Now, with all of that said, I probably am not the only one who needed to be reminded of the importance of focus. What about you? What is the "one thing" you need to focus on for the rest of the year. What is the "one thing" that you want to have momentum with going into 2016? What is the "one thing" that needs/deserves your attention?

As you think about that, maybe this final thought will give you the kick in the butt you need to determine your "one thing" and focus on it:

If you're not taking the MOST responsibility for the things that are uniquely YOUR responsibility, you're being IRRESPONSIBLE!