In this age of being able to see, through television and social media, the luxuries and lives that people enjoy everyday, it is very easy to begin to not appreciate and even despise the life that you are privileged to live.

It's so easy to desire the circumstances of another. It's such a temptation to long for the success of a peer. It's seems inevitable that, in light of what everyone else has, envy must be our reality. 

But as I found myself recently thinking of all that I "lacked," the following thought crossed my mind...

When you think about how many people, around the world, who would kill to be you, it should kill your desire to be anyone else. 

The antidote for envy is PERSPECTIVE.

Do you know how many people would give everything to...

Have the bed that you have? Have the home that you have? Have the family that you have? Have the influence that you have? Have the clothing that you have? Have the education that you have? Have the occupation that you have? Have the opportunities that you have? Have the Wi-Fi connection that you have? Have the freedom of religion that you have? Have the access to food and water that you have?


Don't allow yourself to be frustrated by the life you wish you could live, but instead, be fascinated by the life you are living. 

When what you want becomes the thief of what you already have, you are left with neither.