Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.

Henry Ford

Effective dreamers are team-oriented.

Dreams require teams. And history has clearly shown that every great endeavor that has had a positive impact on our world was accomplished by a team.

Walt Disney had the Imagineers.
John Wooden had the UCLA Bruins.
Jesus Christ had the 12 Disciples.
Mother Theresa had the Nuns of Calcutta.

Though working within the context of a team is not always the easiest thing to do, effective dreamers choose to cooperate and work in teams because they understand that a strong team leads to:

Combined TALENTS

While one person is capable of having one or two talents, a team of individuals brings together a multitude of skills and abilities. Effective dreamers embrace this and surround themselves with people who have talents to compliment their own.


Every dream journey is filled with obstacles and roadblocks along the way. A dreamer who is accompanied by a team to provide constant encouragement through those obstacles typically perseveres. A dreamer who lacks encouragement from others rarely pushes through.


The tasks and “To-Do” Lists of an effective dreamer are many. E-mails to send, applications to fill out, products to order, relationships to develop, places to go, deadlines to meet, etc. A team provides a group of people to be accountable to for those tasks. The absence of a team leaves the dreamer accountable to themselves. And we all know how that usually works out…


In addition to producing multiple talents, teams also produce multiple creative minds. Multiple minds to solve problems. Multiple minds to develop vision. Multiple minds to produce good ideas.

The great thing about this is, bringing two minds together does not only give you two minds. The two minds combined produce a much more powerful and creative “third mind.” It’s the idea of synergy where 1+1=3!