We must to adjust to
changing times and still hold to
unchanging principles.

Jimmy Carter

Effective dreamers are flexible.

They are aware that the road to dream fulfillment is not a straight one; so when the twists and turns of the journey arise – they make the necessary adjustments. They embrace the idea of consistent course correction and they do not allow themselves to get stuck on that which is no longer working.

This characteristic of flexibility is born out of an understanding that failure is a reality and it is the person who learns and adjusts from the failure who makes the most progress.

So with that in mind, effective dreamers keep themselves open to:

1. Adjusting their PLANS.

When plans are no longer working, effective dreamers make adjustments to them. They realize that the plan that may have got them started may not be the plan that is going to get them to their “finish line.”

What was supposed to take three years, may need to be adjusted to five.
What was supposed to cost $5 million, may need to be adjusted to $2 million.
What was supposed to help 1,000 people, may need to be adjusted to help 3,000 people.

Are you willing to make adjustments to your plans?

2. Adjusting their ACTIONS.

Similarly, when specific actions are no longer getting the results they once did, effective dreamers change them.

When their methods are outdated, they update.
When their approach becomes irrelevant, they become relevant.
When their systems no longer work, they design new ones.

Are you willing to make adjustments to your actions?

3. Adjusting their TEAM.

Finally, adjustment to your “dream team” must remain a possibility as well. As the vision for your dream transforms, as people develop and as things change, so will your team. Adjustments to your team may include:

Friends who began the dream journey with you.
Someone who you thought was “perfect” for the position.
Family members who you thought would work with you forever.

Are you willing to make adjustments to your team?

Remember, in regards to your dream journey, it’s not what has been that is most important. It’s what (and who) works best that is most important.