#442 - EASTER 2016

220 adults. 30 kids. 1 baptism. And PLENTY of churros!  

As I reflect on my third Easter Sunday at theMOVEMENT, our most well attended service in the history of our church, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for God's gracious goodness in my life! 

In an effort to practice my personal value of resolute gratitude, here are 5 things I'm grateful for in regards to this past Easter Sunday. 

  1. Leading a selfless, sacrificial, and committed team. I am so blessed to be surrounded by a group of people who have caught the vision of Overwhelming Oakland with Love and, whether paid or unpaid, are willing to do whatever it takes to make that vision a reality! I have done nothing to deserve the team I am privileged to lead, it's all grace.
  2. Worshipping with a diverse community of people who represent various cultures, ages, socioeconomic statuses, and degrees of faith in God. I am so blessed to be a part of a community of faith that accurately represents the demographic of the city in which it has been called to serve. I have done nothing to earn being a part of such a diverse community, it's all grace.
  3.  Serving alongside my family. My mother and father served on our church's guest service team and my youngest brother sang with the band. To carry out the mission of God with the people who are closest to me is one of my life's greatest joys! I have done nothing to merit doing ministry with my family, it's all grace.
  4. Preaching the Gospel to a packed house! My Heavenly Father knows that it is a desire of my heart to be used by Him to preach the good news to as many people as possible. To have the opportunity to share the uniqueness of the Christian message to a full room is something I hope I never take for granted. I have done nothing to entitle myself to such a privilege, it's all grace.
  5. Seeing a dream become a reality. What started out as a hope in my heart is slowly but surely becoming a fulfillment of my faith! Unchurched people trying the church. Dechurched people returning to the church. Overchurched people enjoying the church! I have done nothing to warrant such results, it's all grace.

Because I know me better than anyone else, I am convinced that if it were not for the grace of God, theMOVEMENT Church in Oakland would not be experiencing the type of favor and blessing it is experiencing. An awareness of my inadequacies, shortcomings, and deficiencies does not allow me to take credit for something that surely God is doing!

What God did in and through our church this past Sunday is more evidence to a truth that I am learning to grasp more and more as the years go by:   IT'S ALL GRACE!