On my "leadership horizon" are some decisions I must make that will require tremendous amounts of courage. Courage that, frankly, I don't feel like I have. 

But, I can't shrink back. I must lead boldly.

Here are some thoughts about courage that I am writing to encourage myself. Prayerfully, you can benefit from them as well...

Courage is taking actions that are uncomfortable. Courage is believing ideals that are unpopular. Courage is loving people that are unthankful.  

Courage is taking a stand that will expose you to criticism. Courage is the willingness to face the consequences for standing up for what you believe. Courage is putting yourself in a position where the possibility of losing is present. 

Sometime courage is speaking up. Sometimes courage is being silent. Sometimes courage is leaving. Sometimes courage is staying. Sometimes courage is starting. Sometimes courage is waiting.

Courage is obeying God and leaving the consequences of your obedience up to Him. 

Courage is faith in the midst of fear. Courage is hope in the midst of uncertainty. Courage is boldness in the midst of timidity. 

Courage is leaving your comfort zone for the benefit of others and the glory of God. 

Courage is a necessary requirement for leadership and a character trait that, if not developed over time, will cause people to second guess whether or not they should follow you. 


The world needs your bravery.