#361 - 33 - PART ONE

Today I turn 33 years old, and though it has definitely been one of the most challenging years of my life, in many ways, it has also been one of the best. In an effort to reflect upon and recount God's blessings in my life from the past year, here are some highlights of the 32nd year of my life.

  1. Celebrated 10 years of marriage to Rebekah Paz by traveling to the Dominican Republic! Celebrated the 1-Year Anniversary of theMOVEMENT. (September)
  2. Ran the San Jose Half-Marathon in under 2 hours. Watched the San Francisco Giants win their 3 World Series in 5 years! (October)
  3. Preached the first "Money Series" at theMOVEMENT and saw giving increase dramatically! (November)
  4. Raised over $25,000 through Be Generous campaign. (December)
  5. Awarded a scholarship to attend Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary and began attending to pursue a Master's Degree in Theological Studies. (January)
  6. Re-Connected with my old students from Exchange at THE REUNION. Experienced my first hot air balloon ride with Rebekah on Valentine's Day. (February)
  7. Started consistently playing basketball again. (April)
  8. Attended the Drive Conference at Northpoint. Enjoyed watching my sister graduate from Life Pacific College! (May)
  9. Completed 10 units at GGBTS with a GPA of over 3.0! Watched the Golden State Warriors win their first championship in 40 years! (June)
  10. Experienced an awesome family reunion in Orlando, FL. Participated in theMOVEMENT's 2nd Annual Serve Our City week. Preached at Crosswinds' High School Houseboats Trip and saw God move powerfully! (July)
  11. Finished a Half-Marathon with my dad and two brothers. Celebrated 5 years in Vocational Ministry! (August) 

I am so undeserving of the moments, outcomes, and joys that God allowed me to experience this past year, but because God is a gracious, faithful, and good Heavenly Father he pours these blessings out on my life anyways. I am so THANKFUL!