who a person will
become. impact. serve. influence.

You never know

what a person has
seen. felt. heard. experienced.

You never know

where a person has
been. lived. come from.

You never know

when a person will
grow. change. develop. mature.

You never know

why a person is
quiet. confident. shy. outgoing.

You never know

how a person has
hurt. struggled. persevered. overcome.

You never know.

People are
who they are
what they are
where they are
when they are
why they are
how they are
for many different reasons.

And until I actually take the time to hear out those reasons for myself,
I will not judge them.

Everyone has equal value in the sight of God.
Everyone has a unique purpose for which they were created.
Everyone has a life that matters.

The challenge is to treat people as if that were the truth.