You have yet to be moved.

By a particular pain.
By a specific suffering.
By a distinct dysfunction.

You have yet to be wrecked.

By a social injustice.
By a prevailing disservice.
By an unresolved inequality.

You have yet to be burdened.

By a need that needs filling.
By an issue that needs healing.  
By a hardship that needs resolving.

Ultimately, you will not change the world because…

You have yet to have your heart broken by that which breaks the heart of God.

Your wants have been your focus.
Your needs have been your priority.
Your desires have been your motivation.

This is why you won’t change the world.


The moment you allow yourself to be deeply movedwreckedburdened and broken by a specific problem that exists in our world today…

You will change the world in ways you never thought were possible.

Believe it.