This week, I will be in Atlanta, Georgia attending the Drive Conference at North Point Community Church.

Along with 2,500 other church leaders from across the country, I am going to have the opportunity to be encouraged and inspired to be a more effective minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

And I am excited!

I have a high level of respect for Andy Stanley (Lead Pastor) and an admiration for how North Point does ministry, and to be able to learn from the best of the best in an up close and personal way is something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time.

But enough about me.

In regards to your profession, vocation or business…

Who do you admire?
Who do you respect?
Who do you learn from?

Whose example do you follow?

Who are your heroes?
Who are your mentors?
Who are your inspirations?

Whose example do you follow?

Which voices influence your work?
Which stories motivate your perseverance?
Which organizations do you aspire to be like?

And what exactly is the motivation behind having a positive example to follow?

To go farther faster.

By learning from your example’s mistakes.
By modeling your example’s strengths.
And by implementing your example’s processes.

You can go farther faster.


Whose example do you follow?