The truth is offensive.

And whether you like it or not, there will be many occasions that, as you pursue your life purposes and dreams, you will be required to stand for the truth.

The reality is, when you do stand for truth, people will be offended.

People will be turned off.
People will be uncomfortable.
People will have their beliefs challenged.

You will be offensive.

And being offensive is not easy.

We want to be liked.
We want to be accepted.
We want to be appreciated.

But many times,

The truth is not liked.
The truth is not accepted.
The truth is not appreciated.

So how can we stand for what is true in light of our desire to not be offensive?

Well, we must realize that the issue is not whether or not we will be offensive.

But the more important question to ask is, who will we offend?

In standing for the truth will we offend people?
Or in not standing for the truth will we offend God?

It is my sincere prayer that we have the courage to offend people with our boldness rather than to offend God with our cowardice.

The progress of our communities, nation and our world depends on it.