At your lowest point.
In your worst condition.
After your biggest mistake.

Grace is there.

When you've humiliated yourself.
When you've disappointed others. 
When you've grieved God.

Grace is there.

Though you won't be able to fix it.
Though you don't have the capacity to handle it.
Though you can't see a solution to resolve it.

Grace is there too.

Longing to restore you. 
Desiring to redeem you.
Preparing to renew you.

Grace does not just meet you in your place of need, but if you allow it, it will also carry you through to a place of healing.

Where is grace?

Grace is found in the Person of Jesus Christ who was...

Judged so you wouldn't have to be condemned.
Shamed so you wouldn't have to be ashamed.
Beaten so you wouldn't have to feel defeated.

Christ was disgraced so you could receive grace, but Christ was also resurrected so you could experience renewal!

Receive His work. Rest in His grace.

Peace in the midst of fault and failure awaits.