Every day you and I consume content. Much of which comes through the "feeds" of our various social media platforms. And whether we know it or not, our "feeds" are indeed feeding us!

News. Satire. Opinions. Videos. Links. Pictures. Memes. GIFs. Blogs. Music. Etc.  

Every person, business, and organization, with the content that they are producing, is not only encroaching on your time, but, for better or for worse, they are influencing your life. 

With this in mind, in an effort to "eat healthier" from the table of social media, here are 10 "types of friends" I have recently removed (unfollowed) from my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds.

  1. Negative Nancy's
  2. Seductive Sally's
  3. Political Paulie's 
  4. Fault-Finding Frankie's
  5. Ranting Randy's
  6. Egotistical Eddy's (I understand if you feel you need to unfollow ME!)
  7. Annoying Angie's
  8. Salesman Sammy's
  9. Pet-Obsessed Petey's
  10. Weight-Lifiting Wally's 

Here are the 4 "types of friends" I found myself keeping in my feed...

  1. The Encouragers 
  2. The Inspirers
  3. The Informers
  4. The Humorists

There is too much purpose, passion, and legacy you have been created to contribute for you to have your time wasted by unnecessary, distracting, distasteful, and disrespectful posts to your various feeds.

Take action. De-clutter and detach.    

Why? Because the old adage is as appropriate here as it is anywhere else...

You ARE what you EAT.