There will come a day when the opportunity will come.

Your art will be given a platform. Your passion will be given a spotlight. Your dream will be given a chance.

I don't know when that day will be, where it will occur, or who will be there to see it take place. 

All I know, is that when the moment comes, your practice, your preparation, and your planning, will be put on display. For better or for worse, you will be exposed. 

Your work ethic will be exposed. Your dedication to your craft will be exposed. Your potential will be exposed.

And so it is with all this in mind that I encourage you:

Practice TODAY. Prepare TODAY. Plan TODAY. Reimagine it TODAY. Rehearse it TODAY. Refine it TODAY.   

The magnificence, beauty, and awe that you desire people to experience, from your work, someday, is depending on the commitment you put into your work, TODAY