Joy and dishonor cannot co-exist.

I have never dishonored my parents, teachers, civil authorities, friends, family members, and/or enemies and been simultaneously filled with joy. It just hasn't happened.

I have never spoken ill of someone and felt well. I have never belittled another person and felt my heart grow. I have never criticized and felt content. Dishonoring another person has always left me wanting more.  

There may be satisfaction for a moment, but it's a satisfaction that makes me feel small, weak, and immature. There is absolutely nothing Godly about dishonoring another person.  

But...when I honor another individual, whether they "deserve" it or not, something incredible happens on the inside of me. I am filled with a sense of "having done the right thing." I am overcome with peace. I feel obedient. I have joy in knowing that in honoring a fellow image-bearer of God (all human beings), I am honoring God Himself! 

Irrespective of whether the person I am honoring knows it or appreciates it, every time I speak highly of, show respect towards, and am grateful for another person (especially someone who is difficult to honor), I can go to sleep confident that I have done right. 

With all this in mind, I encourage you to give honor to someone who you've historically dishonored.   

Give honor to your underserving parents.
Give honor to your inconsiderate boss.
Give honor to your unrepentant "haters."
Give honor to your unrelenting accusers.
Give honor to your difficult co-workers. 
Give honor to your "suspect" presidential candidates. (Yikes!)

Slander, gossip, belittling, vilifying, criticizing, and condemning is doing nothing beneficial for your soul.

Dishonor is a posture of the heart that, if not attended to, will kill you like an undetected cancer.  


Your joy is on the line.