I have come to discover
that with dreaming comes pain.
Two types in particular
two kinds I can name.

The first I will mention is
The Pain of Pursuing.
It comes shortly after
you find yourself moving.

Moving towards your great dream
will bring this pain on
in many shapes and sizes
different faces it will don.

Obstacles and Roadblocks
Criticisms and Fears
Doubts and Distress
And many times Tears.

The Pain of Pursuing
is real to my core
But as much as it hurts,
The second pain aches more.

This second pain is known as
The Pain of Not Doing.
You will feel it inside
when instead of doing you’re viewing.

Watching others pursue
the dreams they possess
Though you desire so much more
Instead you do less.

The Pain of Not Doing
will leave you empty inside.
Untapped talent and potential
A longing to be alive.

In the final analysis
from one of two pains you will choose.
From one, you just may win.
From the other you’re sure to lose.