90% of everything is crap. – Sturgeon’s Law

What a thought.

I came across this “law” yesterday, and at first I found it quite offensive. But after taking a few moments to consider the validity of the statement, I was convinced of its’ truth.

We are surrounded by crap.

Crappy food. (It’s unhealthy)
Crappy music. (It’s degrading)
Crappy marketing. (It’s pushy)
Crappy websites. (They’re ugly)
Crappy advertising. (It’s deceitful)
Crappy products. (They’re useless)
Crappy companies. (They’re irrelevant)
Crappy relationships. (They’re abusive)

So with this in mind, I have to lovingly ask you,

Are you a part of the solution or are you a part of the problem?

My encouragement to you today is this: Don’t add to the crap.


Create art worth sharing.
Create products worth buying.
Create relationships worth building.
Create experiences worth remembering.

Create beautiful things.
Create excellent things.
Create magnificent things.

Refuse to create crap.

So much of it already exists.