The Mentor’s Manifesto

I am talented.
I enjoy what I do.
I do what I do very well.
I am proficient at my work.
I excel at the tasks I am given.
I am recognized for the quality of my craft.
I exceed the expectations of all those around me.

But that is not enough.

 I must pass on my talents and abilities to the next generation.
I must replace myself with someone more capable than I.
I must share my insights with someone who will listen.
I must hold loosely the gift I have been given.
I must teach my craft to a willing protege.
I must be willing to let go.
I must mentor.


For there will soon come a day
when I can no longer do
the things I believe
I was placed here to do.

And when that day comes
it needs to be true
that there’s one who’s behind me
who’s capable too.

One who’s able to carry
my life’s legacy.
One who’s able to do it…
better than me.