You were created to be a teacher,
but instead you are a “successful” salesperson.

What a shame.

You were created to be a business owner,
but instead you are a “successful” writer.

What a tragedy.

You were created to fly planes, but instead you “successfully” drive trucks.
You were created to make music, but instead you “successfully” make movies.
You were created to serve people, but instead you “successfully” promote yourself.

What a failure.

“I was created to do ___________, but instead I do ___________.”

This is a spreading epidemic and it wrecks me.
This is a worldwide problem and it saddens me.
This is an all too common story and it breaks my heart.


Dr. Myles Munroe puts it this way:

The greatest failure in life is being successful in the wrong assignment.

If you didn’t get that the first time, be sure you read it again.

God forbid you achieve success in a job that He didn’t create you to do.
God forbid you taste satisfaction in a work that He didn’t design you to take part in.
God forbid you experience significance in a pursuit that He didn’t intend you to pursue.

God forbid you miss out on the fulfillment that comes from accomplishing the specific assignment you were placed on this earth to complete.