…the goodness of God endureth continually.
Psalms 52:1b

There’s so much chaos, so much controversy
So much I don’t understand.
It’s often times so hard to believe
That God has my life in His hand.

All the pain and all the hurt
It all can get so hard.
Most times I feel like giving up,
I’m tired of being scarred.

I’m told that this is called the “process”
And development must take place,
But why do I feel down deep inside,
Like my life is a disgrace?


The enemy is hard at work,
I really have to know
He aims to steal, kill and destroy
Defeat me blow by blow.

He’ll do his best to tell me lies
To get my life off track.
But I choose to lean on a simple truth
So my soul will feel no lack…


I have to know in the depths of my heart,
When things don’t seem as they should,
That my God above is full of love
And He is ultimately good.

He’ll never leave me, nor forsake me.
He’ll always be around.
It’s His perfect goodness I must hold onto
Especially when I’m down.

So when it’s all too much to bear,
And I’ve been “stricken by the rod”
My hope and strength will forever be drawn from…
The Goodness of My God!