A man is at his finest towards the finish of the year.
Edgar Guest

Believe it not
the 3rd Quarter is done.
The Summer is over.
Fall has begun.

School’s back in session.
Baseball is ending.
Football has started.
The Holidays are pending.

So what does this mean
to me and to you?
With only three months remaining
What are we gonna’ do?

Will we finish out strong?
Complete goals on our list?
Or regret that we allowed
opportunity to be missed.

We must remember.

The 4th Quarter is when
great comebacks are made.
The 4th Quarter is where
great plays are displayed.

The 4th Quarter allows
another chance to begin.
The 4th Quarter reveals
your desire to win.

For how your year started
is not the whole story.
It’s how you will finish
that’ll determine your glory.