#631 - TEXAS DAY 3

Woke up early. 
Fruit for breakfast.
Got on the road for the nearly 3 hour drive to San Antonio!
Stopped at Bucc-ees! Great beef jerky. A bomb sausage on a stick wrapped in a tortilla. Super clean bathrooms. Quite the gas station experience!
Made it to San Antonio by about 1.
Let in to AT&T arena at 1:30.
3rd row seats from the floor by the Warriors bench - INCREDIBLE!
Lotta turnovers. Klay was off. Spurs hit shots. Sat next to KD's personal security guard. Manu came up huge in the 4th Quarter. Crowd was going berserk for him! DUBS LOST. Great memory made with my wife. 
Drove to outlets. Returned a pair of shoes. (Proud of myself for doing this!)
Long drive home.
Heard service at theMOVEMENT went great. I am so BLESSED to serve with such a talented and reliable team!
Worked on my "special project" for several hours. Kind of hesitant about going public with it, but we'll see...
Another great day.