As a pastor, in a local church, every Sunday I am aware of and must manage various tensions:

  • Leading with both confidence and desperation.
  • Preaching to both Christians and Non-Christians.
  • Teaching in a way that is both Biblical and practical.
  • Connecting with both Members and 1st-Time Guests.
  • Engaging in the service both personally and pastorally.
  • Singing songs that are both God-exalting and good sounding.
  • Giving opportunities for both seasoned leaders and new volunteers to serve.
  • Being mindful of both the planned format of the service and the leading of the Holy Spirit. 

But in addition to all the tensions listed above, there is also another tension that typically burdens me more than the rest. The tension is this: 


We must minister with urgency because:

  • Today is the day of salvation!
  • Someone may be giving the church one last chance.
  • Someone may be desperately seeking God for answers.
  • Someone may be attending church for the first time in a long time.
  • Someone may have had a horrible week and they don't know where else to turn.

We must minister with peace because:

  • God knows His sheep and His sheep know His voice!
  • No one's salvation is dependent upon one church service.
  • No one's relationship with God is dependent upon one church service.
  • God is not confined to one church service to meet a person's spiritual need. 
  • The overall success, health, or legacy of the church isn't defined by one church service.

We must minister with urgency, tomorrow is not promised to anyone. But, we also must minister with peace - God is not limited, in any way, by tomorrow.