Ever since I can remember, there has been one word that has driven me. Many desires have shifted and waned throughout the years, but my goal to achieve this has not. When nothing else could motivate me, this word did.


Financial success. Relational success. Educational success. Occupational success. Social success. Spiritual success. Marital success. Physical success. I want to be successful in every area of my life. 

Now though there might not be anything inherently wrong with desiring success in each of these areas of my life, what I have found to be a problem is defining what success actually is for each of these areas of my life!

The definition of success, for all of these areas, seems to be an ever-changing, ever-increasing, unattainable, elusive target.

There's always more money I can earn, save, and invest. There's always more and deeper friendships I can develop. There's always more degrees I can earn. There's always more accolades I can earn on the job. There's always more influence I can gain. There's always more of an understanding that I can have of my faith. There's always more of a sacrifice that I could be making in my marriage. There's always more weight that I can lose and more muscle that I can gain!

And when I look at it this way, it's easy to get discouraged because it seems like "success" then becomes impossible to achieve.

I so badly want to cross the "finish line" in each of these areas of my life, but I have no idea where the finish line is! I so desperately I want to "ascend to the peak" of each of these areas of my life, but from where I'm standing there is no peak in sight! I so anxiously want to "complete the assignment" that I have been given for each of these areas of my life, but I don't ever remember receiving any actual instructions!

So what have I done to deal with my strong desire for something I have, for so long, struggled to define?


I quit pursuing success. I quit desiring success. I quit envisioning success. 

Instead, I have chosen another word to drive me. I've chosen another word to motivate me to my full potential. I've chosen another word by which I will measure the quality of my life.


Day by day. Hour by hour. Moment by moment obedience to God's will for my life. This  is my desire. 

As it relates to every area of my life, the key question is, "Am I being obedient?" 

Am I doing what God is requiring me to do?  Am I saying what God is leading me to say? Am I going where God is commanding me to go?

Am I being obedient to God's will? Am I being submitted to God's Word? Am I being cooperative with God's way? 

These are the questions that matter to me now.  

I'm resolved.

I'm going to concern myself with my obedience, and let God concern Himself with my "success."