You are not what you say, think, or hope you do. You are what you actually do.

I know this isn't what you want to hear, but for the sake of your full potential, it's exactly what you need to hear.

You have been fooling yourself for far too long. You have been making statements about yourself that just aren't true. You have been identifying yourself as someone who you are not. And today, you need to allow the truth to set you free! 

Think about the last 60 days of your life.

If you have not led anyone to do something that they would not have done on their own, you are not a leader. If you have not loved your spouse with practical actions of love and kindness, you are not a loving spouse. If you have not sacrificed as a parent your time, energy, or money, you are not a sacrificial parent. You are what you actually do.

If you have not been generous with your resources, you are not generous. If you have not been kind to your neighbors in word or in deed, you are not kind. If you have not been honest about your life, your fears, and your shortcomings, you are not honest. You are what you actually do.   

If you have not played a sport, you are not an athlete. If you have not written, you are not a writer. If you have not played an instrument, you are not an musician. If you have not created anything, you are not a creative! You are what you actually do.

I do not write these words to condemn you. I write these words to wake you up! 

One of the major sources of disappointment and frustration in your life probably has something to do with the fact that who you think you are and who you actually are is not the same!

With that in mind, the most helpful thing you can do to become the person you desire to be, is first admit that you haven't been who you intend to be. Be HONEST with yourself. 

Then, ACT.

If you say you're a leader, lead someone. If you say you're a writer, write something. If you say you're runner, run somewhere. You are what you actually do.

Don't overcomplicate it. Don't fight back. Don't hesitate. 

I understand that there's a philosophy out there that says, being precedes doing. I agree with it. But I also believe that this philosophy is equally true...

To become someone you have to DO something.

Stop lying and start doing. The world needs who you are going to become as a result of what you do.