#709 - ROME DAY 5

Snuck a Selfie in the Sistine!

Snuck a Selfie in the Sistine!

No Caption Needed!

No Caption Needed!

Altar of the Fatherland

Altar of the Fatherland

  • Today was our 15-Year Wedding Anniversary! And, it was one of the more exciting, full days of our trip!

  • Woke up early. Caught an UBER to the Vatican Museum for our 9:30a entry time.

  • Incredible experience. So much history. So much craftsmanship. So much stuff!

  • The crown jewel of the museum—the Sistine Chapel—was amazing. Absolutely breathtaking room to be in. There were no pictures allowed, but Rebekah is a rebel and took a few!

  • Found some gifts, at the Vatican Museum, for some very special people back home, that I can’t wait to give them.

  • We spent about 2 hours in the museum. After learning more about Michelangelo, I found out that he sculpted a statue of Jesus Christ that is also located in Rome. So, we decided to walk over to that church.

  • On the way, we stumbled across a burger/steak joint that looked pretty good. Stopped there for lunch. I had a ribeye. Rebekah had some sliders. Tasty.

  • Arrived at the church. It was closed. Bummer.

  • Decided to walk over to the Roman Forum and Colosseum.

  • On the way, we stumbled across a Thai Massage spot. We couldn’t resist. Doing our best to end our time in Italy right! We both got a 90-minute full body massage. 30 minutes specifically on the feet. GLORIOUS.

  • Feeling refreshed, we then walked over to The Forum and The Colosseum. INCREDIBLE. So much historical significance. Crazy to see these things in person. Larger than life.

  • Passed several other historical landmarks as well. Glad we came back to Rome. So much to see.

  • Headed home to rest up before our anniversary dinner.

  • Went to a place Anthony Bourdain recommended. Pepper pasta was out of this world! Rebekah and I both had this signature dish and it was definitely one of the top 3 dishes of the entire trip. Had a great dinner celebrating and reflecting upon our marriage. God is so faithful. We are so blessed.

  • Walked back home. Walked a total of 23,000 steps! Climbed 29 flights of stairs. For a total of 10.2 miles!

  • Such a memorable anniversary. Tomorrow is our final day in Rome, and the day before we fly back home to the States.

  • A bit saddened that my sabbatical is coming to an end, but more so anxious and excited to get back to work and get back to my church family! The best is ahead!