#639 - RENO DAY 1

Took Merritt to doggy day care in Reno. 
So glad she's with us, and glad to be reunited with my pup!
Attended Acts 29 US West Area Leads meeting.
Still can't believe I get to sit around the same table as such great pastors and leaders!
Attended Acts 29 US West Lead Pastor's Meeting. 
So blessed to be a part of such a great network!
Was recognized as one of the 15 church plants our network is supporting this year. GRATEFUL.
Session 1 - Ryan Kwon on Holiness and Humility. So good.
Had to miss Session 2 (Art Azurdia) to pick up Merritt from day care.
Definitely have to listen to audio. Heard it was FIRE.
So proud of my wife who has done an absolutely fantastic job coordinating all the logistics for this conference. Watching her thrive is a great joy!
Subway for dinner.
Finished up workshop handout and slides.
Tomorrow is going to be a good day. I'm nervous, but excited.