Leader, I know you're overwhelmed. I identify with your worry. I am all too familiar with your stress. I understand the feeling of being pulled in more directions than you can physically go. I can relate to your desire to do anything but lead. There are many days when I want to quit too.

But my encouragement to you today is this: let gratitude pull you through.

Take a moment to think about and reflect upon what has been accomplished through your leadership. It is very likely in the last 90 days alone, you have experienced progress, breakthroughs, and victories that have the potential to energize and encourage you if you take the opportunity to appreciate them.

What are the benchmarks that have been reached? What are the goals that have been accomplished? Who are the people who have been impacted? What are the projections that have been exceeded? Who are the team members who have been performing well? What are the dreams that have been fulfilled?

Let gratitude pull you through.    

Take the good that has been and leverage it as a force to pull you towards the good that will be.

If God has used you before, He can use you again. If God has strengthened you before, He can strengthen you again. If God has drawn people before, He can draw people again. If God has provided for you before, He can provide for you again. If God has given you ideas before, He can give you ideas again. If God has propelled you forward before, He can propel you forward again. 

If, through you, He has done it before, through you, He can do it again!