This morning, just moments after I had put the finishing touches on my message and finished getting dressed to go to church, I felt a prompting. An inclination. A sense that I should text a particular person - that had been to a church service of ours once before and engaged with us outside of the church on one occasion as well - and invite them to church.

So I did.

That person actually ended up showing up. Not only did they show up, but they communicated to me that this Sunday, in particular, was the anniversary of a very traumatic event in their life. (Of this, I had no idea.) They went on to say that this was a day that they needed to be in church, and it was my text that got them out of bed to attend. Lastly, they also let me know that the message I gave provided an encouragement that they needed.

One prompting. One text. One person blessed.

I'm so thankful that, this time, I had ears to hear. I'm so thankful that, this time, I didn't ignore. I'm so thankful that, this time, I didn't neglect.

On many occasions I have been too caught up in myself to be bothered by promptings and too lazy to act on them. But what I've come to discover is this...  

A prompting is only as powerful as the action that follows it.

Please don't ignore the next prompting you receive. The prompting to text. The prompting to email. The prompting to call. The prompting to write. The prompting to reach out. Act on it.

Someone's blessing, very likely, is on the other side of your willingness to respond.