A transition is coming.

In a little over two weeks, the pace and rhythm of my life will change drastically. On Sunday, September 15 we will launch theMOVEMENT, and the biggest implications that this will have on my life are these: every single Sunday from that Sunday forward there will be a weekly service that I am going to be responsible for overseeing, a 35-40 minute message that I am going to be responsible for preaching and a congregation of people who I am going to be responsible for shepherding.

I don't think I am even fully aware of the impact that this change is going to have on my life.

But I do know this...one last vacation is necessary!

One last getaway with my wife before the expectations that people have of us shift. One last trip with my wife before the responsibilities that I have increase. One last vacation with my wife before the luxury of taking a Sunday off will no longer be an option (at least any time soon)!

It is with all of this in mind that I have made the decision that on this vacation,

I am not going to do any work.
I am not going to do any writing.
I am not going to engage with social media.


I'm going to rest.
I'm going to relax.
I'm going to rejuvenate.

I'm going to learn more about my wife.
I'm going to enjoy the company of my wife.
I'm going to experience new things with my wife.

In addition to celebrating our birthdays and our 9-year anniversary, together, we're going to think through how in this next season of our lives we're going to grow our personal relationships with Christ, take care of our health, grow our marriage and lead this church in such a way that is healthy and sustainable over a long period of time.

Because the big idea is simply this: It is an impossibility for unhealthy leaders to lead anything in a healthy way.