Relationships won't. Wealth won't. Influence won't. Sex won't. Power won't. Vacations won't. Clothing won't. Electronics won't. Success won't. Straight A's won't. Recognition won't. Religion won't. 

None of these things will fulfill, satisfy, and please you like you think they will.

They won't because they can't. 

But after 35 years of living, my search is over. Deep and lasting joy no longer eludes me. I have come to discover and believe with every fiber of my being:

All I've ever wanted, God has always had.
All I've ever needed, God has always been. 
All I've ever longed for, God has always held.

God's love will. God's peace will. God's grace will. God's forgiveness will. God's holiness will. God's righteousness will. God's strength will. God's wisdom will. God's mercy will. God's compassion will. God's discipline will. God's faithfulness will. 

God will because God can.

God, in His holiness - accessed solely through faith in Jesus Christ - will satisfy completely.

My search is over.