I have never been more aware of how undeserving I am of the blessings that I am currently privileged to enjoy. I am truly undeserving because I know for a fact that I have not earned or merited what I am currently experiencing. In fact, if I've contributed anything to the good things I'm surrounded by, it's reasons for disqualification from these good things!

There are many days when I don't work as hard as I should, when I don't follow through like I intend to, when I don't do the things that I say I am going to do; days when I simply, drop the ball. Yet God determines to bless my life anyways. Undeserving.

But as undeserving as I know I am, I have decided to be unapologetic for these blessings. Though I may not deserve my beautiful wife who loves me unconditionally, I will not apologize. Though I may not deserve the awesome family that provides for me a firm foundation, I will not apologize. Though I may not deserve the selfless, skilled, and supportive team that I am privileged to serve with, I will not apologize. Though I may not deserve to pastor a church that is reaching people far from God and making an impact in the city, I will not apologize. Though I may not deserve the opportunities that are being made available to me to use my gifts and extend my influence, I will not apologize. 

For reasons far beyond my comprehension, God in His infinite grace and wisdom sees it fit that in this season of my life, blessings will abound. To apologize for them would be to believe that He has made a mistake for bringing these good things into my life. Well, I don't serve a God who makes mistakes! Therefore, I will not apologize. Unapologetic.


This is the approach to life I have decided to take and I encourage you to join me! When we are aware of how undeserving we are of God's blessings, but simultaneously unapologetic for them, He gets the glory! He gets the honor! He gets the praise! 

I will be unapologetic for undeserved blessings because I refuse to apologize for the character of my God. GOD IS GOOD TO THOSE WHO ARE BAD! And for that, I am thankful.