I wish I could give it up. I really wish I could. But, my conscience won't allow me to!

I have to write. I have to process my experiences and put them into words. I have to create content that is simple and helpful for leaders, pastors, and anyone else who wants to fulfill God's purpose for their lives. It is a burden and a passion that I cannot ignore.

Unfortunately, I have not been writing as consistently as I would like to. Many experiences have gone by that I have not synthesized. Many books have been read that I have not reflected upon. Many writing ideas have crossed my mind that I have not acted upon. This is not OK. 

With that in mind, I am going to enter into a season where I need to write not to "be read," but I need to write to "have written."

No sharing my posts on Facebook. No promoting my posts on Twitter. No concerning myself with how many page views my blog is getting. No grandiose announcement about what I'm going to do. I am just going to write. Every day.