As a leader, motivation can be hard to find sometimes. The days are long. The people are difficult. The obstacles seems unsurmountable. And the current reality, many times, feels so far away from the preferred future. 

So, in the midst of these difficulties, how can a leader muster up the motivation they need to continue? While dealing with such obstacles, how can a leader incite the inspiration they need to keep going? When a leader is low on energy, how can a leader pinpoint the passion they need to lead for another day?

Many leaders look forward. They get inspired by the opportunity in front of them. They get motivated by the goals they have yet to reach. The get focused on what could be and what should be. 

And though looking ahead may be a common and effective way for a leader to find motivation, I'd like to encourage you to find motivation in a different place.


Instead of just looking ahead, look behind. Instead of just looking at what is yet to be, look at what has been. Instead of just looking to the future, look to the past. 

Who are the lives that have been impacted? What are the success stories that have been told? What are the obstacles that have been overcome? What are the goals that have been achieved? Where are the areas you have been effective? 

When you recall where your leadership has been effective in the past, your faith increases that it can be effective in the future. When you remember where victories have been won in the organization in the past, your anticipation rises for victories in the future. When you remind yourself that lives have been changed in the past, your hope is renewed that lives will be changed in the future.


You never know, your greatest motivation could be found in your fondest memories. 

How can looking to your past give you motivation for the future? Please share your comments below, I'd really like to know!