Though there were many insights that I enjoyed from the 10 different communicators who spoke on the subject of leadership/discipleship over a span of 12 hours, one of the most impactful ideas that I want to immediately apply to my life is to implement 3 prayers/confessions that Paul Tripp prays every morning.

The prayer/confessions are these:

  1. I am a person in desperate need of help today.
  2. Please send Your helpers my way.
  3. Grant me the humility to accept Your help when it comes.

These prayers will keep me aware of two very important truths (Hebrews 3:12-13), that if unattended to, will be the downfall of my life and my ministry:

  1. There is a presence and a power in remaining sin.
  2. Sin is deceitful.

I refuse to be blind to the sin that can/does so easily ensnare me. Praying these prayers will help towards that end.

I encourage you to pray them too.