Dear Heavenly Father,

The privilege You've given,
to me to lead,
is a gift and a burden,
a burden indeed.

And although I am grateful
for the position I'm in, 
the truth of the matter  
is I'm struggling within. 

There are so many tensions
I know I must manage
but my lack of experience
is not an advantage!

To be gentle? To be harsh?
To hire? To fire?
Doing Your will
that's my only desire. 

To plan for the future?
To focus on the now?
It's a constant dilemma
would you please show me how? 

To spend my time with a few? 
To focus my energy on the many? 
I'm in need of Your wisdom, 
I'm waiting. I'm ready! 

I'm in desperate need
for Your sovereign hand to guide
because I know if it doesn't, 
I will not survive.