It’s been more than three years.

39 months to be exact.

It has been 39 months since I left my safe, secure, salary + benefits sales job to pursue my dream.

A dream to create.
A dream to inspire.
A dream to encourage.
A dream to use my unique talents and gifts.
A dream to spend the majority of my days doing what I was created to do.

And today I had a breakthrough.

Opportunities have been made available, and to a greater degree than ever before…

My art is being received.
My talents are being utilized.
My gifts are being appreciated.

What joy!

So what does this have to do with you?

Well, I wanted to let you know that…

It’s worth the wait.

Though your business may be slow.
Though your audience may be small.
Though you realize it may not yet be your time.

It’s worth the wait.

Though you feel like giving up.
Though you have yet to be “discovered.”
Though you have no idea how much longer you can last.

It’s worth the wait.

Your ideal results…they’re worth the wait.
Your intended impact…it’s worth the wait.
Your desired experiences…they’re worth the wait.
Your dream fulfilled…it’s worth the wait.

Unspeakable joy and unforeseen fulfillment will be your reward.

Please don’t give up.