Where is it all headed?

So many experiences.

The steps that I’m taking.
The plans that I’m making.
The books that I’m reading.
The people that I’m meeting.
The truths that I’m believing.
The skills that I’m developing.
The burdens that I’m carrying.
The dreams that I’m dreaming.

Where is this all going to lead?

Though many ideas are turning into reality.
Though exciting developments are taking place.
Though new opportunities are being presented.

What will the completed work look like?

These are questions I have not the answer to, but there is a timeless truth from God’s Word that reminds me that, one day, the “work” will be completed:

I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished… 
– Philippians 1:6

Simply Stated: What God starts, God finishes.

Though I do not know what “it” will look like when all is said and done, I can rest on the truth that God will indeed see “it” to completion. That’s comforting.

God will complete it. God will complete it. God will complete it…