#336 - I MUST LEAD

Sometimes I shrink back.

I don't want the people I work with to think I have control issues. I don't want our team to feel like I'm micromanaging them. I don't want my staff to feel like I'm overbearing. So I shrink back.

I, often times, look for consensus when no consensus is needed. I, often times, look for feedback when no feedback is necessary. I, often times, look for approval when approval wouldn't add value. I stall. I hesitate. I wait.

And what ends up happening is this:

When I shrink back, the organization slows down.

This has to stop.

I must lead.

I must make the decisions no one else can make. I must think about the things that no one else can think about. I must set the goals that no one else can set. I must develop the plans that no one else can develop. I must do the things that only I can do. I must lead.

I have been called, qualified and commissioned to do this work. I must lead.

There is no doubt that I must lead humbly, patiently and prayerfully, but the fact still remains: I must lead.

By shrinking back from this responsibility, it is not humility that I am showcasing. Instead, I am exhibiting poor stewardship of the calling, gifts and opportunities that I have been given.

In the final analysis, there is only one thing that separates our organization from accomplishing the purpose for which it exists: courageous and effective leadership.