Today was a great day.

I boarded a plane at 9:00am.
I flew down to Los Angeles.
I gave a one hour “inspirational talk” at a corporate meeting.
I was invited to dinner, with the company, at Black Angus.
I was compensated rather nicely for my services.
I boarded a plane back to the Bay Area at 9:00pm.

I am blessed.

To have a very successful, multi-billion dollar, international company fly me in to inspire their employees and compensate me well for doing it is a dream come true!

Now, have I reached all of my goals as a inspirational speaker?

Definitely not.

Have I made progress towards what I want to accomplish as an insprational speaker?


Therefore with that said, today…

I have a reason to celebrate.

The Big Idea:

Progress deserves celebration.

Celebrate your accomplishments.
Celebrate your completed tasks.
Celebrate your victories.

Celebrate the forward progress you are making on your journey towards fulfilling the purposes for which you were created.

You deserve it.