Joy lies in the fight,
in the attempt, 

in the suffering involved,
not in the victory itself.

Mahatma Gandhi

Have you ever felt the tension
between who you are today
and who you’d like to be?

Have you ever been discouraged
by the progress you have made
and the progress you’d like to see?

I know the frustration.
I’m familiar with the stress.
I wish I had much more
But instead I have much less.

So how do I fight through
when all I see is lack?
How do I stay focused
and keep myself on track?

I find joy in the journey.

The lessons. The experiences.
The people along the way.
The successes. The victories.
The triumphs of each day.

Even through the difficulties
It’s gratitude I feel.
Because after my times of suffering
A refined character I’ll reveal.

Embrace the present and seize the moment
to these two things I vow.
For not another day will I be blind
to the joys that surround me now.