Although social media, the Internet, and technology have made it so that helpful ideas, inspiring art, and genuine love can be spread like never before, it has also made it possible for spiteful hate to be broadcast, distributed, and felt like never before as well.

Because of the technological advances (i.e. social media feeds) that are so readily accessible to us, everyday, the opportunity to experience a "hater" is exponentially greater!

Haters that hate on your religious beliefs. Haters that hate on your political positions. Haters that hate on your lifestyle preferences. Haters that hate on your leadership decisions. Haters that hate on your parenting choices. Haters that hate on your career moves. 

The critics are out in full effect. The "side busters" have seemed to improve upon their ability to "throw shade." The naysayers are just waiting by their computers just watching and waiting to comment on your next "wrong" move. The hate is real. 

But though the hate may be real, how we respond is our responsibility.

We have a choice.

Anger. Resentment. Revenge. Argument. Or...exercise self-control.   

Though you may have the perfect one-liner, zinger response to put your hater in their place, though you may have the tightest "clap back," though you may be completely justified in reciprocating the hate, the major thought I'd like to share with you today is simply this...

If you criticize your "haters" in the same hateful way that they criticize you, you are perpetuating a disunity you should despise.

Hurt people hurt people. And because people are hurt by hurt people, they go on to not only hurt the people that hurt them, but they hurt others as well. This should break your heart. 

An environment of hate is really a product of hurt. 

So decide today to be the one to stop the cycle in your sphere of influence. 

Lest, you become exactly like the very person that is hating on you and add fuel to a fire you never wished existed in the first place.