"The question is not how should you feel about God, but how do you feel about God?...It's all right with me if you believe there is no God, or that there is a God but you don't wish to have a relationship with Him. But I have found that the majority of people duck this question altogether...you may be able to run from your true feelings about God or non-God but it is difficult to hide from them in the long term...it is to your advantage to confront these feelings sooner than later."

A few weeks prior to reading the above paragraph in Don't Throw Away Tomorrow, by Robert Schuller, my faith in God was questioned by my co-worker. He had made the point that if I was not raised in a Christian household, I would not have the faith in God and his Son, Jesus Christ, that I do. Whether if what he said was true or not, really did not matter. I felt it necessary, especially after reading the lives of Schuller's book, to take the time to think about and put words into exactly how I feel about God...


When mom and dad dare not around...When my wife is out of the house...When no one wants to pick up their cell phone...He is there. Wrapping His arms around me and loving me more than anyone else possibly could. Jesus is there. He is right by my side, giving me strength for the day, encouragement on the job, and peace before I lay my head down to rest at night. God is...my Friend.

Too much month at the end of the money. Rent is due. I refuse to touch my savings account. He CAN! The Saab must be fixed. Total due...$957. With the added expense it would be convenient not to tithe to the church this week, but I must remain faithful. He CAN! I am not my provider. God is...my Provider.

To live life with a clear vision, knowing that I must impact the world in a "pazitive" way, is a gift from God. From day one he has birthed within me dreams, goals, and a sense of destiny that I cannot ignore. He is the giver of all good things. It is all for His glory. God is...my Dreamgiver.

To desire to live in a world without absolute truth is a sad excuse for not wanting to take responsibility for your actions. God's Word is absolute truth. I choose to live my life in surrender to His Word so that I am free to experience every good thing and perfect thing that God has created for me to enjoy. If you do not stand for something...you will fall for anything! God is...my Firm Foundation.

My belief in Jesus Christ provides for me a hope and a future that far exceeds anything that this world can offer me. Money, success, recognition, houses, cars, promotions - they will all come to pass. When all is said and done, this world and everything in it will fade away. But, my faith in Jesus Christ gives me the opportunity to, upon leaving this earth, live eternally and do what I was ultimately created to do...worship my Creator! God is...my Hope and my Future.

Take the time to be real with yourself and ask, "How do I feel about God? Who is God to me? At the end of the day, what impact, if any, do my feelings about God have on my life?" I truly believe that answering these questions will mean more for your future and your quality of life than any other questions that you ever decide to answer.