You ever wonder why people take the time, effort, and energy to criticize, make fun of, and put down other people? Out of all the things that they could be doing with their brain power, they use it to bring someone else or a group of people down...WHY? Don't they have better things to do? Don't they have more productive ways to invest their time?  

Haters of organizations. Haters of companies. Haters of people groups. Haters of products. Haters of religions. Haters of initiatives. Haters exist for everything and everybody!

And this doesn't only have to be people who are outspoken about their hate. I know plenty of people who are "undercover" haters and critics. They might not be well known for their hate, but if they were to be honest with themselves, they would say that the conversations with themselves and with others that come easiest to them are more destructive than constructive. 

Why is this? Why do so many people live their lives in this way?

Well, being that I am someone who has hated on others and am also someone who has been hated on, I have come to the conclusion that...

Haters hate on others as a way to avoid dealing with the things that they hate most about themselves. 

It's hard to deal with your character flaws. It's hard to focus on your shortcomings. It's hard to break your bad habits. It's hard to overcome your fears.  

So, instead of changing themselves, haters spend their time mouthing off about what should be changed in others. 

Some people eat to avoid. Others spend money to avoid. Another group of people drink to avoid. There are a million different things people do to avoid dealing with their issues. 

Haters hate.  

And this hate hurts, humiliates, and harms people each and every day.

But even worse than that, it results in the hater being distracted from the very thing that they should be focused on changing...themselves.