The pain is necessary.

Muscles can grow only after they have been ripped.
Students are qualified only after they have been tested.
Adult teeth develop only after baby teeth have been pulled.
Seeds begin to produce fruit only after they have been buried.
Oranges release their juice only after they have been squeezed.
Homes are remodeled only after their older parts have been destroyed.
Babies are born only after their mothers, for many hours, have labored.
Roses produce their most satisfying scent only after they have been crushed.
Caterpillars become butterflies only after through a cocoon they have pushed.
Rubber bands provide their greatest value only after they have been stretched.
Oysters produce pearls only after a grain of sand within them has been irritated.
Gold reaches its’ highest value only after under extreme temperatures it has been heated.

I hope the point is clear.

Great pain precedes great glory.
Great pain precedes great growth.
Great pain precedes the revelation of a great God.

Therefore embrace your pain. Greatness will follow.